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helicam video

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welcome in bali video aerial, helycam remote control. professional videografer, steady shoot fotage, verry good for, advertising, TV broncash, movie, web, hotel promotion, bali fotage aerial art, panorama video, music video clip. One Call & We Do It All Bali aerial provides a wide variety of equipment for aerial filming, camera operators and qualified technicians for aerial cinematography throughout the asia. As part of our full services we provide aerial cinematographers, experienced pilots, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, fuel trucks, and insurance and safety officers. 35mm, 16mm film, HD, Red One and SD video cameras are also available along with various camera mounts and stabilized systems including Wescam Pictorvision, Gyron, Flir UltraMedia HD, Cineflex plus Tyler Nose Mount ll, the Tyler Middle or Tyler Door Mount. HDaerial in-house Wescam 36” four axis stabilized ball mount with a Mitchell S35R Mark II 35mm film camera is fitted with an Angenieux HR 25-250mm or Cooke Mark II 25-250mm lens. The film camera can be removed from the Wescam 36” ball mount and a variety of HD cameras can be mounted and flown including the SONY F950, F900, Varicam and now the Red One. Whether your project is a feature, Television series, commercials, documentaries, or corporate, BALI aerial can bring the right aircraft, equipment and personnel together for your shoot with one call. Air to ground or air to air, HDaerial undertakes aerial filming projects throughout the Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, Europe, USA, Mexico, Central America and South America. Some equipment and countries are restricted. Our cost effective approach will locate the best pilot and closest aircraft for your project and install the latest generation of gyro camera systems. Wescam Pictorvision, Gyron, and the Flir UltraMedia systems are also able to be mounted on a variety of filming platforms including cranes, all types of vehicles, all terrain, boats and airplanes or just about any moving platform. Motion picture helicopter time aloft and filming can be a real factor when filming over terrain where refueling is an issue or built up urban areas. 35mm rigs require reloading of magazines about every twelve minutes and in some cases are not cost efficient due to landing and reloading of film. Where as most HD systems allow for the recording deck to be housed within the helicopter or aircraft and can be reloaded with new tape without having to land. The reduced weight of some of the smaller ball and mount system means up to one third more time aloft before having to refuel plus reducing the number of ferrying trips to the airport or refueling depot. Pictorvision is pleased to announce the first ever use of the revolutionary RED ONE digital cinema camera in the aerial shooting of two national advertising campaigns. Capitalizing on their expertise in camera stabilization technology, the team at Pictorvision were able to quickly make the modifications necessary to successfully stabilize and accurately control the ground breaking new RED camera package, all on very short notice. The RED ONE, including both the Angenieux HR 25-250mm and the Cooke 18-100mm zooms were successfully integrated into Pictorvision’ s Wescam Film / HD System. Compatible with the Wescam design, the images captured by the RED ONE was produced with as much stability as if shot with a traditional Wescam Film System. Shooting at 4K resolution the Wescam stabilization quality was demonstrated by impressive final images. You can immediately make reservations for the this RED ONE aerial stabilization and precision control package, integrate their own RED ONE camera or take advantage of Pictorvision’ s RED ONE camera as a turnkey package in January, 2008 by contacting BALIaerial. High Definition recording can be accomplished with several recorders, the Sony HDCAM SRW 1 Field recorder which delivers breathtakingly natural, detailed pictures while achieving close to lossless full-bandwidth 4: 4: 4 ( RGB) 1080-line, high-definition recordings at multiple frame rates up to 60 frames per second, or the Sony HI DEF Record Deck ( 24P) HDW-S280 recording 4: 2: 2. Also available is the Panasonic AJ-HD1400 tape deck. Recording at 1080/ 59.94i, 1080/ 50i, 720/ 60p, 720/ 59.94p, 720/ 50p. SD record decks are also available. We also provide cross and down converters for other HD and SD formats, HD and SD monitors, camera booms, weather nose or side, for various helicopters, planes, vehicles, blimps and boats. Additionally HDaerial can provide HD-Microwave downlinks transporting High Definition or Standard Defintion video in real time for use in live telecast provides outstanding picture quality and minimal delay. project fotage clien: novotel hotel tanjung benoa, mercure resort sanur hotel, novotel tanjung benoa, novotel nusa dua, sofitel seminyak kuta. water boom bali, quicksilver video sample, cek this link: http: / / search: agusmaniks